customer service




Our voice platform, supports auto dialling,IVR,missed call alerts, At present using our dialer we dial around 10 million calls per day, It supports ss7 /pro and GSM mobiles. We manage voice recording/campaign management, MIS , DND scrubbing complete end-to-end campaign management and big data analysis. It is VXML 2.0 compliant. It supports up to 100 E1s in a cluster.




Retention Management

Good customer retention is vital to any organization because a slight reduction (5%) in the customer defection rate has a disproportionately positive effect on profitability (depending on the cost of acquisition, ranging between 25 and 80%!). Companies with high retention also grow faster. However, customers can only be retained if they are loyal and motivated to resist competition. Ikontel expertise on this in various methods including Contact Centers, Reminder SMS, Push Messages, etc. Some of our processes have a retention ratio of over 93 %. We are pioneer in the retention management of DTH and data card customers. We analyses the usage and recharge pattern, and make promotional campaigns, coupons. We send Voice/SMS promotional messages ,executive calls and retain them. One of the leading DTH provider in south able to retain 15% his churned customer using our solution. We manage the complete cycle for retention.




Churn Management

India’s churn1 rate is anywhere between 3.5% to 6% per month, meaning annually they would be losing between 42% to 72% of their annual customer base. That’s about one of the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. Considering that the cost of acquiring a new customer is as high as Rs 3,000, the losses are immense.

We analyse usage-pattern, recharge-pattern, Customer Care complains pattern and network activity pattern ( various network event) to help Telcos profiling the customers and sending promotional offers and managing the complete cycle. It helps telco to increase the ARPU and retain the customers.



Ad Platform

ikontel provides a media platform for the doctor appointments and contents at the clinics. The patients watch the television to know about their turn. We push relevant advertisement based on the location of the clinics.