Best Robo Call Service Provider In India Automated voice messages and voice broadcast is ideal for sending alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions, surveys and more. An efficient and cost-effective way to reach subscribers.

Robocall Service provider in India

This machine triggers millions of outbound calls to the caller automatically. These calls are highly integrated and offer dynamic IVRS using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text To Speech (TTS), Machine learning and integrated with Amazon Lex, to offer sophisticated features of a Voice BOT. The service can be integrated to any system using standard API. It is mostly used in Payment, collection process and feedback system.

A secure, dynamic and multi-purpose automation feature, Robocall is efficient in business process automation.

Automated call technology

Robocall helps end-users solve queries, purchase products or services, acquire information, make payments and much more. Robocall also smoothens the business communications for organizations. With the ability to automate millions of calls, inbound or outbound, the intelligent system can also route priority based calls to an agent. However, in most cases the Robocall is programmed to function according to the requirements. This ensures that a Robocall automates the interaction with customers by providing quick and easy resolutions in real-time.

Applications of Robocall technology

Automate cold calls

An interactive robocall can contact any of your customers quickly and easily. The pre-programmed call can be used for various functions in cold calls to engage with customer responses.

Phone surveys

Robocall is an exceptional communication tool for phone surveys, where an automated call can reach inbound or outbound customers with automated phone survey recordings. This boosts the overall efficiency of an organization’s customer relations wing.

Inform customers

Robocall can be automated to contact anyone on your customer database with a tailored message. An organization can use Robocall to gather customer responses and promote company information about products, services or general guidelines.

Automatic notifications

Robocall can be programmed to provide automatic notifications. When a customer pays for a service, a robocall can inform them of their purchase receipt or other information related to the customer. Robocall can be used to alert customers about impending bills or alerts regarding their interaction with your company.

Integrated customer database

Robocall can be synced with a centralized customer database to ensure efficient communications. For outbound calls, you can contact anyone in your customer database to promote communications with your company. For inbound calls, the Robocall can be programmed to route calls, answer queries, collect customer data and much more.

Generate more customers

Robocall generates leads more economically than targeted campaigns. A Robocall offers the flexibility of business communications that enhance customer relations in a centralized portal. Robocall can be used for lead generation quicker than traditional advertising.

Activate speech recognition

Robocalls can be programmed to recognize the speech of customers which improves voicemail interactions by 30%. This means that your customers will not realize that they are speaking with a robot because they’re being offered exceptional service.

Multi-functional communication tool

Robocall can be used to collect customer feedback, promote business objectives or inform customers about the company among many other uses. The versatility of Robocall allows companies to integrate the best communication strategy for their business purposes.

Hosting & Support

You don't have to invest in a hosting provider or other infrastructure when iKontel offers hosting and support to manage all your communications in one place.

Text-to-Speech services

Using iKontel’s intelligent Robocall services and systems, you can automate customer interactions with Artificial intelligence and a centralized database. The advanced Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text algorithm allows for customer queries on chat and call to be automated with programmed solutions. The Robocall can interact with clients directly and solve their queries without the intervention of human intelligence. The machine is built with advanced technology to carry out various functions of businesses and their operations. 

You save tons of costs and time in automating your business communications and your client support system.

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Some of the important features

Enhanced team productivity

Cost savings

Easy integration

High scalability

Higher response rate

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