Why are Voice Bots Gaining Prominence in the Call Centre Industry?

The year 2020 witnessed a transformation in customer service principles. Challenges posed by pandemic situations created a notion of panic and uncertainty among clients. Clients tend to prefer customer support over other channels. It resulted in unexpected call volumes and exerted tremendous pressure on traditional IVR call centres. It distressed customer support representatives and their ability to answer phone calls.

It delayed the wait time, and calls got dropped after a couple of minutes. Most customers weren’t willing to go through extensive call logs. Clients got tired of asking the same questions repetitively to get their queries resolved. The voice-based support system isn’t only expensive. But, it is also not scalable.

A conventional voice response system costs you 1028.5 INR on average. Voice as a channel to support communication isn’t going anywhere. But, it’s experiencing a massive change with the inclusion of an AI-based framework. Gartner claims that 25% of communication will implement Voice-based communication channels.

What are the functionalities of Voice Bots?   

Voice bot is sophisticated software that understands the verbal language. It uses an automated voice to chat with people. AI-based Speech identification system helps call center bots to realize spoken words and reply using voice or text messages. In brief, voice bots are programs that facilitate seamless communication.

Voice bots are cost-effective ways to promote captivating and interactive ways to promote your services. Bots guarantee fast customer inquiry resolution. It eases the burden of call center agents and allows them to focus on other essential activities.

Suppose you want to book flight tickets for a business tour. Why will you go through IVR menus, when you can directly contact the contact center. Tell customer support agents that you want to book flight tickets. Bot asks you for details like passenger name and flight details. It lets you book a flight of your choice.

It saves your time and resources invested in legacy IVR systems. It’s how a voice bot for a call center prompts effective communication.

Which characteristics of voice bots streamline effective communication?

In this section, we will list out essential characteristics of a voice bot. It lets the bot deliver improved experiences. 

Acknowledge intent of customers

Call center bots to implement Natural language processing to recognize the semantics of human voice. It includes synonyms, grammar, canonical, and other word forms.

Customers aren’t aware of the things they utter. NLP helps voice bots identify the intent of utterance. For instance, when the customer says sure, the bot should understand that it’s a yes.

An intent analysis is one of the crucial characteristics of a voicebot for a call center.

Take a break and respond accordingly.

Whenever a customer interrupts and says It isn’t what I am looking for, the bot should pause and respond accordingly. It’s the most significant feature of an AI-supported call center bot. 

What are the benefits of implementing a voicebot for a call center?

Customer inquiries, when handled quickly, turns into an incredible opportunity. It lets you generate revenue and make more profits over time. Conventional IVR prompts customers to go through many menus and options. Customers wait for calls to get diverted to the right agent.

Have Call center bots serve clients 24*7. It lets you schedule a call back when needed.

Scaleup operations and reduce expenses

A Call Centre bot can communicate with thousands of customers at a time. Likewise, it offers customized services to all. By eliminating repetitive tasks handled by call center representatives. Service providers manage multiple Support issues. It would otherwise be impossible. Voice Bots for call centers reduce costs as well.

Final Word

Indeed, call center BOTS are the future of increased customer engagement. By scaling up repetitive tasks, it reduces additional expenses. In addition, they offer recommendations based on customer preferences. Accuracy, speed, and 24*7 services improve Call Centre response rates. Voice bots for Call centers impact positive customer experience. iKonTel service automation comes to your rescue with its responsive digital agents. It tailors services that meet and exceed customer demands. AI-supported call center bots respond to client inquiries and form the first point of contact for customers. Sensitive virtual assistants handle calls, provide information, and transfer calls to live agents. Get real-time support and improve CX with iKonTel voice bots for call centers. To know how you can develop an effective customer management plan, contact us today.